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New Developments in Chemical Casualty Care

The applications below are being developed to further expand upon the training offered by the Chemical Casualty Care Division.  These applications are in development and are not yet available.  Stayed tuned to our website for current information on these products!
  Nerve Academy CD-ROM

Newly released, Nerve Academy teaches nerve agent physiology, antidotes and therapy. The program employs an on-screen teacher, live nerve/organ simulations & user controlled mini-experiments to make learning easy, engaging and fun. This is no online book, you must see it to have this completely different experience. From the basics all the way to antidotes of the future, Nerve Academy takes you there! Includes SIMapse 2.0 Nerve Agent Laboratory on CD.
SIMapse 2.0 Nerve Agent Laboratory

SIMapse is an amazing live action simulation of a cholinergic synapse. Intended for both learning and teaching, you control everything. Select a target organ, add nerve agents and apply antidotes; then experience the live action results yourself. From simple demonstrations to complex tinkering, SIMapse faithfully demonstrates all.

SIMapse nerve lab includes multiple target organs; nerves, skeletal muscle, airway, eye, gland & brain. SIMapse includes 6 nerve agents, 6 oximes, 2 anticholinergics, 2 anti seizure medications and 3 pretreatments.. There is a 'clinical challenge' to test your abilities as well as as a unique 'oxime lab' that demonstrates how well various antidotes function against different nerve agents. A lab activity book, included, guides you through a complete curriculum of 28 experiments.

SIMapse can be obtained by ordering the Nerve Academy CD-ROM, which includes a copy.