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Chemical Agent Assessments

The assessments below are designed to help you test your knowledge of chemical agents and how to care for those exposed to them.  This will give you an idea of how much you already know.  These assessments may also be used to train others.  Enjoy the learning experience!

Note:  The following assessments require installing a web player.  If you experience difficulties opening these applications, please consult your system administrator.

Click here to start Chem-Bio Hangman Bullet Chem-Bio Hangman

Test your skills by guessing the secret word.  Just make sure you don't get hung!!!
The following self-assessments allow you to test your knowledge by answering questions and scoring your tests to see how you did. Good luck!
  Bullet Assessment # 1

Bullet Assessment # 2

Bullet Assessment # 3

Click here to start Chem Squares Bullet Chem Squares

Play this multi-player game to demonstrate your chemical knowledge.   Crown a Chem Squares champion!!!

Note:  You must save the game to your computer in order to save the scores.

Click here to start Chemical Crossword Puzzle Bullet Chemical Crossword

Challenge yourself to a crossword puzzle filled with chemical clues.  Print a copy or play online!
Print Crossword
Print Crossword Clues