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Hospital Management of Chemical, Biological,
Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive Incidents Course (HM-CBRNE)

US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD)
US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)

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Post-graduate course for emergency planners, hospital administrators, clinicians and emergency responders:

Do you know what to do if you are faced with mass casualties from a catastrophic event? Does everyone around you?

USAMRICD would like to present to you an advanced-level education opportunity from the US Army, the HM-CBRNE course. It offers healthcare professionals state-of-the-art instruction that may save lives in a major WMD incident. Designed for civilian and military healthcare managers and clinicians, it is presented by some of the nation’s leading authorities in biological, chemical, explosive and radiation incident management.

This course was developed with hospital level objectives – clinical and non-clinical. The HM-CBRNE course is intended to help mitigate the existing gaps in support of hospital operations during a major WMD event.

Topics are presented in a seminar format that encourages participation. At least half of the course is devoted to group activities and hospital teams centered on the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS). These team efforts culminate in a high production value multi-facility mass casualty tabletop exercise.

HM-CBRNE includes expert overview of all CBRNE fields to include psychology of CBRNE events. Other highlights include principles of hospital emergency management, regulatory frameworks (NIMS, NRF, HICS), equipment and procedure demonstrations as well as a multi-station practical exercise. Additionally, HM-CBRNE benefits all other routine and crisis hospital operations.

HM-CBRNE is typically attended by hospital management, emergency planners, emergency responders, public health officials, physicians, nurses and others. The course is offered 1-2 times per year. Typically, half of the attendees are civilian. HM-CBRNE provides a great opportunity to meet other professionals from across the nation who face the same challenges you do.

This course meets the mandatory chemical/biological training requirements under AR 525-27..

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Upcoming Courses
▪ 25-29 January 2021
▪ 26-30 July 2021
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  Physicians    Up to 35
  EMT             31.6
  Nurses         32.5.
HM-CBRNE Course Agenda
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Course Overview
Commander's Welcome
Human Factors in Dissasters
Hosp Emer Mng: Gen Prin
Psych Aspects of CBRNE
Detec and Equip Decon
Hosp Inc Mgmt Plan Sess
Biological Threat Agents
Hosp Emergency of
Bio Agent Casualtiy
Hosp Res to Large-scale
Biological Event
Bio Incident
Discussion Scenario
Bio Incident Small
Group Exercise
Hospital Incident Mgmt
Planning Session
Conventional Blast Injuries
Case Study:
Major Terrorist Bomb Attack
Chemical Agents
Hospital Emergency
Mgmt: A CW Persp
Chem Attack Disc Scen
Chem Inc Mgmt
Panel Discussion
Chem Small Group Exercise
 Radiation, Nuclear Incidents
Hospital Response
Radiation Fundamentals
Attack Scenario
Triage of CBRNE Cas
Multi-station Exer Brief
Take Home Assignment
Tabletop Exercise
Process Briefing
Hospital Incident
Mgmt Planning Session
Tabletop Exercise
After-action Review
Informatics in CBRNE
Mass-casualty Care
Adjournment &
Please contact The Chemical Casualty Care Division if you have any questions about this course at 410-436-2230