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Field Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties
US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD)
#6H-F37/300-F31 (School codes 879)

Field Training Exercise Photo

Pre-hospital training for medics, early responders, Chemical Corps and health care personnel:

If you think a medic on the front lines has a tough job already, imagine if he has to do it in protective gear. Will he recognize his casualties’ strange and desperate symptoms? Does he have what it takes to save them? Chemical and biological casualties can and will survive if you have the right training!

The Field Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties Course (FCBC) is best training of its kind in the world. Don’t take our word for it; ask the Government Accountability Office or one of your buddies who has taken the course.

FCBC isn’t another one of those PowerPoint™ torture chambers; this is a fun class. Sure, you spend some time in the classroom but we know what you want: Hands on learning and time in the field.

During the five day course at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland; your three days of field training include lab time, procedure practice and three FTX events. You will perform “Mega Codes” in our simulation center using the newest and most advanced simulators Government money can buy. You will also be part of a team that prepares for the next really bad day in WMD land.

FCBC is a fully accredited five day course held at USAMRICD, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. FCBC is typically attended by medics, paramedics, Medical Service Corps (67A), Chemical Corps, Firemen, physician assistants and many other kinds of medical professionals. Even a few docs and nurses show up. People from every military service as well as civilians are encouraged to attend.

You will return from FCBC with an entire chem/bio training arsenal. Every participant receives a Training Sergeant’s Kit; including two handbooks, field cards and the new MMCC DVD-ROM disc. The disc contains prepared lecture slides, software, reference items and great videos. Software includes M50A Mask Maintenance, Virtual Nerve Agent Casualty and a Patient Decontamination Exercise. If you ask, we will even provide extra copies for your buddies.

This course meets the mandatory chemical/biological training requirements under AR 525-27.

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Upcoming Courses
 ▪ 16-20 November 2020
 ▪ 22-26 February 2021
 ▪ 26-30 April 2021
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FCBC Course Agenda
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Admin Issues
Command Overview
Course Overview
Pre Exam
History of Chem Warfare
Pulmonary Agents
FTX Planning
MOPP Issue Briefing
Mask Operation
Review: Chem Squares
Cholinergic Crisis Brief
Nerve Agents 1
Nerve Agent 2
Simulator & Operation Demo
Incap & Riot Control Agent
Bio Agent Introduction
Med Mgmt of Bio Casualties
Principles of Decontamination
PPE & Chem Def Equipment
Prep Time for FTX III
Review: Chem Squares
Triage & Chemical
Case Studies
Field Management
FTX Preparation
FTX I "Crawl"
Casualty Assess Exercise
Casualty Assess Discussion
Preparation Time
Chemical Casualty
Move to Class
PDS Operations
Move to Class
After Action Review
Take Home
Assigment Review
Review: Hot Seat
Review: Chem Squares
Informatics in
Chemical Casualty Care
Mask Cleaning/Turn-in
Threat & Response
Post-Exam Review
Posp Exam
Closing Remarks
Please contact The Chemical Casualty Care Division if you have any questions about this course at 410-436-2230